About Us

M/s. PETRO EXPLO CONSULTANCY renders professional services to different industries all over India for Safety Planning and obtaining Explosive Licence for storage of Petroleum Products and Compressed Gases.

The company is a family group establishment with an ambition to deliver efficient professional services & consultancy to different industries & clients & help them to establish safe & legal storage facilities within the National Context.

Mr. J. D. Mehta, founder of the establishment, was an approved contractor for H.P., I.B.P., B.P.C.L. & I.O.C. Oil Companies for constructing their Petrol Pumps and for Textile Mills in their civil construction works from 1957 to 1989. Since early seventies Mr. J.D. Mehta undertook the present business under M/s. J.D. BHATT & SUTHAR, in providing professional services to industry in obtaining Explosive Licence for storage of Petroleum Products and Compressed Gases in Ahmedabad.

Subsequently his son Mr. Naresh Mehta having completed his engineering degree in 1973 expanded the consultancy services under the present Firm M/s. PETRO EXPLO CONSULTANCY.

Mr. Naresh Mehta alongwith his two sons Mr. B. N. Mehta & Mr. A. N. Mehta equipped the company with latest technology including computerized systems at their offices at Ahmedabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad & Bangalore have been assisting companies / Industries all over India with great success.

Thus the company has over 42 years of experience in providing safety planning & facilitating in obtaining Explosives Licence for storage of Petroleum Products & Compressed Gases. The company is greatly encouraged by the unstinted support that it received from its clientele Nation wide.